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Liberty Dollar Financial Association

LDFA is a Private Membership Association that allows its Members to purchase Silver that is stored for them in our own or a contracted warehouse, and provides a Website Interface that allows them to see the amount of silver they own and its current USD value based on the SPOT price at that moment. Members can then transfer ownership of that silver to other Members as an alternative means of payment. And when they need cash, LDFA will buy the Silver back at the SPOT price at the time of the request. In this way, we provide a service that allows our Members to keep their money backed by Silver as a hedge against inflation. LDFA also offers a Bill Payment Service in which we simply print and mail a check on that Member’s behalf, deducting the value of the check from their LDFA Account.

In addition, LDFA issues paper Warehouse Receipts that we call Silver Certificates, and each one is a Bearer Warehouse Receipt that entitles the Bearer to a specific amount of Silver. These Silver Certificates are denominated in Ounces and Fractions of Ounces, and can be redeemed by the Bearer for the actual physical Silver at any time. LDFA Members and others are working hard to introduce our Silver Certificates into local communities, since the SPOT price of Silver tends to rise along with inflation. This means that prices set in Ounces and Fractions of Ounces of Silver are likely to remain stable regardless of what happens to the value of the US Dollar.

Becoming a Member is free and allows you access to all of our Services and Information. Register Here

You may ask: What are Liberty Dollars?

Liberty Dollars are Digital or Paper Warehouse Receipts for a specific amount of .999 Fine Silver stored in our own or a third party’s storage facility. They are negotiable because they can be transferred to any other Member.

You may ask: Can I buy things with the Liberty Dollar?

You can barter with anyone who is willing to accept Warehouse Receipts in exchange for goods or services, but they are NOT Legal Tender. This means that no one is required to accept them. The LDFA Marketplace is provided for our Members who wish to market their own goods and services here in exchange for Liberty Dollars.

You may ask: Are they a bank?

No. We are a Private Membership Association that allows our Members to purchase silver which we hold for them in our own or a contracted Warehouse Vault. We provide Members with various services that allows them to use their silver’s value as a means of exchange.

You may ask: Is this a form of cryptocurrency?

No. Liberty Dollar Financial Association is a Private Alternative Currency that is provided to Members in both Digital and Paper Warehouse Receipts, which are lawful for use as a medium of exchange.

Balances are stored in Silver Value (ounces), which means that the USD value of your balance is based on spot price. Transactions, similarly, are based on spot price at the moment the transaction takes place

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